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Hugh Featherstone news archive
Hugh's 2012 New Year message
"They were the best of times, they were the worst of times"
With this famous line Charles Dickens opened "A Tale of two Cities", his very anglophile take on the French revolution. The times we live in now could be similarly described. For while there's enough gloom around to fill all the cellars of the world, there are yet enough highlights to set the firmament afire.

On a personal level, one of the highlights of the past year for me, and one that promises much joy for the year to come, has been collaborating with "Lokal Heroes" on their new CD "to be continued ..."

The CD will be launched on the 28th of January at a live concert featuring a cast of thousands (well, about a dozen actually) within the prestigious walls of the "Harmonie" in Bonn. Welcome one and all!

By way of wishing you a happy and prosperous 2012, here is a link to a few of the finished tracks:

enjoy! Hugh
Sat 28 January Hugh Featherstone + Folk-Rock with Lokal Heroes
"To be continued..." CD launch at “Harmonie” (home of WDR TV music show "RockPalast")
Frongasse 28, Bonn, Germany
Hugh Featherstone news archive
8 October Hugh Featherstone with "Slow Night"  + plus + Hugh Featherstone with “The FeatherTones”
Lichterfest Music Café (music & light), Atelier Alexandra Koller, Hütte 5, Eupen, Belgium
11 November Hugh Featherstone with "Slow Night", Atelier Regenbogen, Kirchstrasse, Hauset, Belgium
19 November Concert for Amnesty International 50th birthday: Aula Carolina, Pontstrasse, Aachen, Germany
25 November Hugh Featherstone's big birthday concert in the foyer, BRF Funkhaus (Belgian State Radio), Kehrweg, Eupen
10 December Candlelight Concert for amnesty international in Stadthaus Viersen, Germany

with "Sejane & Grasis"

Find out more about Hugh's annual Candlelight concerts below.
Hugh Featherstone news archive 2010

"9 on the sub-prime" – the new CD by Hugh Featherstone & A Panel of Experts
10. April 2010  The first copies of 9 on the sub-prime, the new album
by Hugh Featherstone & A Panel of Experts, are now available.

Hugh describes the studio album as:

"Nine tasty tracks of intelligent and catchy acoustic and hot-wired, typically Featherstone songwriter-stuff for those who still have a shirt to lose. Smooth songs in a sharp package.

Slightly less "music for jumping off bridges to" this time out, I seem to have caught a little of the "hey ho, may as well look on the bright side" attitude currently going around. Could travel."

See further details, lyrics and a review of the album, and hear sample tracks in the discography.
Cover of Hugh Featherstone's new CD 9 on the sub-prime
You can order Hugh Featherstone CDs direct from blutopia.networks:
30 January Hugh Featherstone & Kim Bastian with Lokal Heroes at Bonner Harmonie, Bonn
16 April Hugh plays at the first Aachener Songwriter's Slam at Raststätte
Hugh wins the first Aachener Songwriter's Slam
Aachen, Germany, Friday 16 April 2010

The first Aachener Songwriter's Slam at the cultural venue Raststätte, organized and hosted by Aachener musician Kai Hennes,
attracted a full house and songwriters from Germany, Holland and Belgium. The enthusiastic audience, which acted as a jury for
the competition, chose Hugh as the winner by the volume of their applause.

For the final of three rounds Hugh sang “I don’t get it” (which appears on his new album 9 on the sub-prime) and "statistic" (which appeared on his 1999 double CD album Me & Miss Wray). The latter is a beautiful but heart-breaking song about a young victim of
a landmine - not what one would imagine would be a big crowd-pleaser. But to Hugh's surprise, after he finished playing, there was
a brief stunned silence and followed by a storm of wild applause.

Astonished and somewhat embarrassed by his victory, Hugh handed the first prize of a guitar to Dutch songwriter Daniel Gilt, the
runner-up. So there is still gallantry amongst songwriters after all.
21 May Hugh plays with Slow Night at Kukuk-an-der-Grenze, Hauset, Belgium
22 May Solo house concert, private party (sorry), Aachen, Germany
4 June Hugh Featherstone & A Panel of Experts at Café Modern (website in German & Flemish), Teuven-Voeren, Belgium
5 June Hugh plays with Slow Night at Café Egmont (website in German), Aachen, Germany
16 July Hugh Featherstone and A Panel of Experts

(Kim Bastian vocals, David Spencer drums, Chris Sichert percussion, Korneel Steukers bass)

Open Air: Big West Terrace at Kukuk-an-der-Grenze, Hauset, Belgium
18 July "Sunday afternoon in the park"

Hugh Featherstone and A Panel of Experts

(Kim Bastian vocals, David Spencer drums, Chris Sichert percussion, Korneel Steukers bass)

play for "Summer in the City", Stadtpark, Eupen, Belgium
20 August
Hugh Featherstone plays at Weltmusik Fest, Eupen, Belgium

download flyer   (PDF version)
Weltmusik Fest    Festzelt, Temsepark, Eupen, Belgium

an evening of world music

Hugh Featherstone & The FeatherTones

(Chris Sichert percussion, David Spencer bass)

with Kel Assouf, S-KillZ, DJ Dada & others
17 September

Hear mp3 audio invitation
"25 years of songwriting"

Solo and with A Panel of Experts (Kim Bastian, David Spencer, Chris Sichert,
Korneel Steukers and Walter Kraushaar) + special guests

Jünglingshaus Foyer, Eupen, Belgium
10 October First Songwriters' Breakfast at Kukuk-an-der-Grenze, Hauset, Belgium

Hugh Featherstone, Farah Rieli, Korneel Steukers, Leo Leonard, Kai Hennes and hopefully many others,,,

10/10/10 at 10:10 !
15 October Hugh Featherstone and A Panel of Experts at Atelier Regenbogen, Hauset, Belgium
10, 11, 12
Candlelight 2010

Atelier Regenbogen, Hauset, Belgium.
Hugh & Kim with a mighty percussion section: Yannick Le Roux, David Spencer, Chris Sichert

+ (hopefully) Beda Su, violin and vocals

See article about Hugh's annual Candlelight concerts below.
December 2010 Hugh Featherstone's Candlelight 2010 concerts
"Justice has no borders, it is a universal virtue."    Abdu'l Bahá ‘Abbas

Hugh has been performing his "Candlelight" concerts for over a decade in support of Amnesty International. He has always been committed to human rights and social justice, themes which are directly addressed in many of his songs.

The song "Candlelight" appeared on his CD "News from Nowhere". You can find the lyrics in the discography.

"Candlelight 2010" consists of three concerts as part of events to celebrate the 61st International Human Rights Day (10 December).

The events are organized by Amnesty International and local Bahá'ì communities (see

10, 11, 12 December 2010 Hugh Featherstone and Kim Bastian

with a mighty percussion section:

Yannick Le Roux, David Spencer, Chris Sichert

+ (hopefully) Beda Su on violin and voice

Atelier Regenbogen (website in German), Hauset, Belgium
You can see a video of the Candlelight 2008 concert at Belgischer Rundfunk,
including interviews with Hugh Featherstone and Kim Bastian, at:
It's all in German. To view the video, click on "Video ansehen".
Hugh Featherstone Candlelight concert

Candlelight concert
in Viersen, 2005

photo: Michael Birken

See the photo series
Hugh Featherstone news archive 2009
19 January Solo: Acoustic Chill, Mausefalle, Weberstrasse 41, Bonn, Germany
Tel: +49 228 - 22 01 84
9 May Hugh Featherstone with Kim Bastian and special guest Leo:
L’An Vert, Rue Mathieu Polain 4, Liège, Belgium. (in French)

Hugh writes: Due to internal restructuring in the band, plus a clash of calendars, I will be playing the L'an Vert gig as a duo with Kim on Saturday 9th May instead of with "panel of experts" as previously programmed.

Kim and I play regularly together and have a distinct approach to my material, especially those songs that are otherwise "experts" territory. we can guarantee a very relaxed and song-oriented evening with some gems you won't have heard before.

We're also happy to announce our special guest for the evening: Leo is a fine singer/songwriter/guitarist, with a deal of stage experience, who has appeared with major acts and with whom we have already played at the same venue. His highly individual guitar technique, coupled with his quixotic, whimsical and melodious songs must be heard to be believed.

Kim Bastian

Kim Bastian
  Leo, Belgian singer songwriter


Leo's myspace page
(English with photos & songs)
11 June Hugh has been invited to play at "Songwriters' Tafelrunde" (Songwriters' Round Table),
the special edition of the monthly "Parkside" event.

Parkside Café, Jacobshof, Stromgasse 31, Aachen, Germany. (in German).

Hugh writes: I've already appeared at the Songwriters' Round Table several times. It's a great opportunity to try out new stuff and, in this case, a new guitar. This bumper version also features Renaud Marquat, Soufian, Farah Rieli, Sebastian Sturm, and, of course, our usuual host Cesar. There are more players this time, so a few less songs each, but the quality will be assuredly high.
18 September Slow Night (Hugh Featherstone, Gerlinde Steigerwald and Ali Döhler): Regenbogen, Hauset, Belgium

Hugh writes: It's the first time my new Kraushaar guitar Lisette (I call her Liesl, and she is, i.m.h.o. the world's best electric guitar) gets a gentle evening outing with "Slow Night".
December "Candlelight - 2009" (see article above)

Amnesty International concerts

Celebrating the 60th International Human Rights Day

Organized by Amnesty International & local Bahá'ì communities (see

Hugh Featherstone

with: Kim Bastian (vocals), David Spencer (drums),

Chris Sichert (percussion), John Renerken (bass)
featuring: Kristaps Grasis & Liene Sejane
11 December

12 December

19 December
BRF Funkhaus, Kehrweg, Eupen, Belgium

Stadtbibliothek Viersen, Rathausmarkt 1b, Viersen, Germany

Kukuk-an-der-Grenze, Hauset, Belgium
Flyer for Hugh Featherstone's Candlelight 2009 Amnesty International concerts

Flyer for Hugh's Candlelight 2009 Amnesty concerts

Download Flyer (A4 PDF format)
For the Candlelight 2009 concerts there were at least 3 different posters:
Hugh's own version:

Viersen Bahai Community version: version:


Hugh Featherstone news archive 2008
"Friendly Skies", Hugh's new solo album
2008    Hugh has finally released his long-awaited solo album "Friendly Skies".

In the sleeve notes Hugh writes: "All freedoms are subject to gravity. All liberties are freighted with obligations. Thus, in the same way that my 1995 album "Negotiations & Lovesongs" explored the tension between fidelity and integrity, so this one explores the dynamic that must exist between commitment and freedom."

The cover and booklet of the 13-track CD were designed by nemodreaming.

You can find more information, Hugh's notes and the full lyrics for the CD,
as well as a review by our correspondent Gobo in the discography.
cover of Hugh Featherstone's solo CD Friendly Skies
7 March Experts: Jünglingshaus, Eupen, Belgium
15 March Solo: House Concert (private)
19 April Slow Night: Adenau, Germany
25 April Experts: Bodega, Imgenbroich, Germany
1 May Solo: invited guest at the “Songwriters Table”, Parkside, Aachen, Germany
4 May Slow Night: Stadtfest, Würselen, Germany
17 May Experts: L’An Vert, Liège, Belgium. (in French)
28 May Experts: Malteserkeller, Aachen, Germany
3 June Slow Night: Mausefalle, Weberstrasse 41, Bonn, Germany. Tel: (0228) 22 01 84
7 June Experts: LOAF, Eupen, Belgium
14 June Solo: House Concert (private)
21 June Tone Poets: Fête de la Musique, Glain/Liège, Belgium
29 June Sommerfest, Langenhain, Germany (to be confirmed)
16 August Solo: House Concert (private)
13 September Solo: Songwriter Seminar and House Concert (private)
14 September Experts: Wild Rover, Aachen, Germany
1 November Experts: SPECIAL BENEFIT GIG, l'An Vert – Liège, Belgium. With special guest guitarist Walter Kraushaar.
30 November Hugh, Kimbastian & Christian Sichert: Acoustic Sunday Session, La Grande Poste, Liège, Belgium.

Hugh writes: "It's vast, it's gothic, it's central, it's humming with art and culture and this Sunday Kim, Chris & I will be playing an acoustic set there. So, visit the Sunday street market, see the ethnik'art expo and pick up on a little music too."
12-14 December Hugh Featherstone & Friends: "CANDLELIGHT 2008 ": The Amnesty Concerts
(Eupen, Belgium; Luxembourg; Viersen, Germany)

You can see a video of the Candlelight 2008 concert at Belgischer Rundfunk,
including interviews with Hugh Featherstone and Kim Bastian, at:
It's all in German. To view the video, click on "Video ansehen".
Hugh Featherstone news archive 2007
3 March Schlüsselloch, Aachen, Germany (with A Panel of Experts)
17 March Café Cubus, Imgenbroich, Germany (with A Panel of Experts)
9 June Parkside, Aachen, Germany (with A Panel of Experts)
23 June Festival de la Musique, Liège, Belgium (with A Panel of Experts)
6 October Mausefalle, Bonn (with A Panel of Experts)
Hugh Featherstone news archive 2006
February 2006 "Live at the Chapel" radio CD of the week  

Radio Contact - CD of the week

announcement on
Radio Contact's website
"Live at the Chapel", the new album by Hugh Featherstone & A Panel of Experts, has been chosen as "CD of the Week" by Radio Contact, the German language version of an important national commercial radio network in Belgium.

The FM pop & rock station will be blasting out the Experts' songs during February on 107.0 MHz in northern Belgium and 98.0 MHz in the south.

If you are not lucky enough to live in Belgium, the German service of Radio Contact is streamed live from their website - free of charge.

Happy listening, pop pickers.

Radio Contact

available in
German, French
and Flemish

with live streaming
May 2006 Finally back in Berlin - twice!  
Friday 19th May 9pm

open-air acoustic pop with

Hugh Featherstone & Sebastian Zukunft

in Rue Bunte, Neukölln, Berlin
Saturday 20th May 6.30pm

at WELTFEST 2006

Hugh Featherstone & The Tone Poets

Weltfestam Boxhagener Platz, Friedrichshain, 10245 Berlin

Hugh Featherstone and The Tone Poets

Hugh Featherstone & The Tone Poets
Hugh Featherstone finally returns to Berlin where he will play at two very different events.

On Friday 19th May, the English musician will play solo on a double acoustic music bill with German songsmith Sebastian Zukunft at the intimate city centre green oasis Rue Bunte.

The next day, on Saturday 20th May, Hugh will appear with his trio Featherstone and The Tone Poets as one of the headline acts on the stage of the 5th Weltfest, Berlin's annual multicultural event.

The Tone poets describe their music as "acoustic music with bite". Their line-up is Hugh (guitar and vocals), Kim Bastian (vocals and shakers) and Chris Sichert (percussion).

The Weltfest (world festival) on Boxhagener Platz is a platform for inter-cultural dialogue, especially in the context of world development politics. The proceeds of the festival go to support a world development project. The theme of this year's Weltfest is "Water means Life" and addresses the political, economic and social issues surrounding the availability and distribution of water for the planet's growing population.

Other international musical attractions at the fest include the Chilean ska band Chico Trujillo and reggae masters Fôô Fanick & One Roots.

See photos of Hugh's Berlin appearances at Rue Bunte and Weltfest
Berlin's Radio F-Hain interviews Hugh Featherstone

Radio F-hain in Berlin

While in Berlin to play at Weltfest with The Tone Poets,
Hugh was interviewed live by Radio F-Hain, which covered the event.

Weltfest, Berlin-Friedrichshain, Saturday 20 May 2006.

Broadcast live in Berlin by Radio F-hain on FM 97.2 MHz, cable 92.6
and on the Internet

If you have a fast internet connection, you can listen to the interview online.
Otherwise, save the MP3 file to your hard disk and listen whenever you like.

Download: hugh-weltfest-interview.mp3 (opens in a new window)
language: German duration: 03:10
size: 3.6 Mb channels: 2 (Stereo)
bitrate: 160 Kb/s quality: 44 KHz


Weltfest 2006, Boxhagener Platz, Berlin - Water Means Life

Hugh Featherstone, vocals and guitars

Hugh Featherstone
vocals, guitars

Kimbastian, vocals and small percussion

Kim Bastian
vocals & shakers

Christian Sichert, percussion

Christian Sichert
March - July Hugh Featherstone & A Panel of Experts perform a hat-trick in Malmedy

Hugh and the Experts are planning a triple rock'n'pop attack on sleepy Malmedy,
a small town set like a jewel in the forested hills of Belgium's Eifel/Ardennes region.

19 March

17 June

21 July
in the context of the RTL charity series "Télévie"

as one of the 15 or so acts in Malmedy's Fête de la Musique

as one of the events to celebrate Belgian's national day
30 September L'An Vert, Liège, Belgium (with A Panel of Experts)
27 October Cité des Étoiles, Chaudfontaine, Belgium (with A Panel of Experts)
24 November Café Kuckuck, St. Vith, Belgium (with A Panel of Experts)
9 December "Candlelight" Amnesty International benefit, Eupen (with Slow Night)
10 December "Candlelight" Amnesty International Benefit, Viersen (with Kim Bastian)
As part International Human Rights Day events.
Hugh Featherstone news archive 2005

introducing "Hugh Featherstone & a Panel of Experts"

Hugh Featherstone, vocals and guitars

Hugh Featherstone
vocals, guitars

David Spencer, drums

David Spencer

John Renerken, bass

John Renerken

Christian Sichert, percussion

Christian Sichert

Kimbastian, vocals and small percussion

Kim Bastian
vocals &
small percussion
Hugh Featherstone and A Panel of Experts record a live album at La Chapelle studios, Belgium

Hugh Featherstone and A Panel of Experts
Hugh Featherstone & a Panel of Experts have now been playing together for over three years with a long list of European concert appearances under their belts. They have quickly tightened up into a lean, mean groove machine and a great crowd pleaser with their own following.

Here's what Hugh has to say:

The real pleasure of working with "Experts" is that we are all 100% behind the music. It's a truly constructive experience.

Although there are very different influences at work (an age span between 18 and 54 sees to that!), the overall direction is one, the dynamic is very coherent and united.

Rehearsals are very upbeat. We laugh more than before as well as working harder, more intensively on the songs. We all feel this freedom, the atmosphere is experimental and infectious, even old songs are coming up as fresh as new pennies time after time.

David Spencer - drums and backing vocals
When PhilBY decided to settle in NYC, I thought it would mean musical meltdown. He knows my music better than anyone, has the devil’s own sense of rhythm and a canny knack for finding exactly the right drum feel for a song. On top of this he was my bassist’s buddy from way back and also had a unique musical chemistry with Chris.
This was always going to be a hard seat to fill for David and yet, that didn’t seem to faze him in the least. With his solid musical training and pedigree, you forget his relative inexperience and youth the moment he leans back to let rip.
It’s all there, the power, the timing, the feeling, the commitment and the teamwork: what can I say? David’s becoming a truly great drummer and it’s a privilege to work with him.

David joined the experts in Autumn 2006 at the age of 15, making him one of the youngest drummers in a pro rock band. In the same year his own band Colonel Meyers (average age 15) won a significant regional rock prize: the Jukutu Rock Jury Award. Hugh, who was at the Jukutu show, said: "They were amazingly good... Tight, well thought-out pop/rock, unpretentious and authentic, very well played and ... not a trace of nervousness, despite the big stage, big sound and big light show provided by the organizers!"

David can also boast an excellent pedigree, being the son of Manchester-born bluesman Joe Spencer of "Joe Spencer and the Real Men" fame.

John Renerken - bass
When Christoph’s main band, “Peter Steivver”, began really emerging in early 2007, there was no time for divided loyalties. After all, these were the guys he’d gone to school with! Departure was set for the end of summer, but instead of the usual weary process of searching, we were lucky one day to find our new bassist actually standing in the audience, waiting to sign up!
John plays with a lot of feeling for the songs, real musicality, a firm rich sound and a technique that he expands constantly. Hitched to this comes a tranquil strength of character and dedication to the band.
Curiously enough, it was one of my concerts, many years ago, that first turned him onto the idea of becoming a working musician ... another life on my conscience!

Chris Sichert - percussion
Chris and I have now been companions on this musical journey since the late 1980s: that’s longer than I’ve ever worked with anyone. I think the main reason for this, apart from his considerable technique and rhythmic ability, is his very real enthusiasm for my songs and his concern to see that the best is made out of them.
Chris is not the kind of musician who just minds his own bridge, he spends at least as much time in rehearsals listening carefully to others as he does playing, and his opinion, not always gentle, is nonetheless always listened to.
Loyalty and commitment are writ big with him and if anyone is going to go an extra mile, or even a thousand, to make something work out, it’ll probably be Chris.

Chris played on the Red Shift CD "West of Eden", Hugh's solo CD "News from Nowhere" and Hugh Featherstone & a Panel of Experts' "Live at the Chapel".

Kim Bastian - backing vocals and small percussion
My daughter Kim has been singing with me, one way or another, since she was twelve. In recent years she’s professionalized this in her membership of the Experts”.
Onstage with Kim is a gas. She’s always fun, always helpful and encouraging, follows my vocal curves like a rally driver, is rhythmically spot-on, moves well and is a whole lot easier on the eye than the old geek with the guitar.
Lately she’s also been building up quite an arsenal of small and strange percussion instruments upon which she performs with deft precision. Her “gling-glö” addition to “Birthday Surprise” makes a major contribution to the song, and her powerhouse triangle, while singing harmony, on “Man who wasn’t there” is simply legendary.

Even if you can't get to see Hugh Featherstone and A Panel of Experts in concert, you can hear their fresh live sound on the CD "Live at the Chapel". More information, with tracklist, notes, CD cover and lyrics in the discography.

You can see photos of the band taken by David John during the recording at La Chapelle on the photos page.

28 October Hugh Featherstone & A Panel of Experts
Amnesty International concert, Galerie Café Message, Sophienstrasse 17, 41065 Moenchengladbach, Germany
December 2005 Hugh Featherstone and A Panel of Experts have a live one  

Cover of the CD Live at the Chapel by Hugh Featherstone and A Panel of Experts

"Live at the Chapel"
CD cover design
by nemodreaming
Hugh Featherstone and his band Hugh Featherstone and A Panel of Experts have just released their live CD "Live at the Chapel".

The 16 songs on the album, mostly brand new but also including a few old Featherstone favourites given a fresh Panel of Experts treatment, were recorded on Saturday 24th September 2005 in front of an invited audience at La Chapelle, one of Europe's premier studios in Waimes, Belgium.

To keep the fresh live sound of the recording, the band got to work on the mixing with La Chapelle's sound engineer Flavio Marredda the very next morning. The resulting rattles and hums were then masterfully mastered by producer Frank-Stefan Kimmel at

The captured concert programme features performances intimate, epic, earthy and ethereal. But as you would expect from a band which describes itself as having "pop sensibility with a punk attitude", the rocking highlights of the evening are outrageous you-talkin-to-me-pal numbers like "Box-car City", "no regrets" and most notoriously "Moving to Berlin". This last, uproarious pop tune - which the band left tactically, strategically, mischieviously till last - just has to become the album's single. (Perhaps with "Box-car City" as the B-side and counterpart? Although "the Garden of Eden" would be the splendidly serene counterpoint.)

If you have never heard Hugh Featherstone or the other musicians featured on this album before, this is an excellent introduction to their collective and individual talents. If you are already familiar with any of the artists, this CD is well worth a listen, or two, or three, or ...

In producing a live album, the mission statement of the band "is to provide our live audiences with something close to what they've just heard". With this CD you get just that: a faithful reproduction not just of a bunch of songs but of a very special event. If you are lucky enough to get to A Panel of Experts concert soon and get hold of this CD... Well, just stick your headphones on, and here you are, right in the middle of things again. Again! Not bad, eh? "We want more!" You got it.

In February 2006 "Live at the Chapel" was chosen as "CD of the Week"
by the Belgian radio commercial network Radio Contact. See article above.

More information about the CD, including tracklist,sleeve notes, CD cover and lyrics in the discography.

See photos of the band live at the chapel on the photos page
Hugh Featherstone news archive 2004
3 March Café der mayersche Buchhandlung, Aachen

26 March

27 March
Amnesty International concerts

Dinny Byrnes Irish Pub, Viersen

The Pogs Irish Pub, Moenchengladbach

Presented by amnesty international Moenchengladbach
Hugh Featherstone news archive 2003
Flyer for a Hugh Featherstone concert in Berlin, June 2003 Hugh Featherstone
in concert
at the Werketage,
Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin
8 June 2003

See photos of this event
in the photo gallery
Hugh Featherstone news archive 2001
July 2001 Hugh Featherstone plays support for Aimee Mann,
singer/songwriter & soundtrack composer for the movie "Magnolia"

Hugh Featherstone plays Kraushaar Guitars
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