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"9 on the sub-prime" – the new CD by Hugh Featherstone & A Panel of Experts
10. April 2010  The first copies of 9 on the sub-prime, the new album
by Hugh Featherstone & A Panel of Experts, are now available.

Hugh describes the studio album as:

"Nine tasty tracks of intelligent and catchy acoustic and hot-wired, typically Featherstone songwriter-stuff for those who still have a shirt to lose. Smooth songs in a sharp package.

Slightly less "music for jumping off bridges to" this time out, I seem to have caught a little of the "hey ho, may as well look on the bright side" attitude currently going around. Could travel."

See further details, lyrics and a review of the album, and hear sample tracks in the discography.
Cover of Hugh Featherstone's new CD 9 on the sub-prime

You can order Hugh Featherstone CDs direct from blutopia.networks:
Hugh Featherstone news

Hugh's song "my favourite planet" inspires world travel guide name
Hugh Featherstone's song "my favourite planet", which appeared on his CD "Negotiations and Lovesongs", was the inspiration for the name of the new online travel guide.

My Favourite Planet, the website, presents information both practical and whimsical about places on planet Earth, richly illustrated with original photos and maps.

The editor, David John describes the encyclopaedic internet project "as part travel guide and part homage to our wonderful and whacky world and the creatures which live on it". The long-time Hugh Featherstone fan says that "my favourite planet" is one of his favourite songs: "It grabbed my imagination the first time I heard it. It's ridiculously catchy, light, optimistic and wonderfully funny. Although it's one of his one of his simpler songs, this is actually quite deceptive, as it contains a whole minituare world, one I imagine it would be very pleasant to live on. The hook line 'This is my favourite planet because it's the one with you on it' says it all really."

During the start-up period for his internet project David consulted with colleagues and friends about a name for the website. "Of all the probable and improbable suggestions we came up with during brain-storming sessions, My Favourite Planet always came out top of the pile. The original idea was to present a description of aspects of our world which is useful, informative, entertaining and thought-provoking. I wanted the general tone to be positive, but since nothing is perfect it also had to have a critical edge. Perhaps Hugh's liner notes to the song in the CD booklet sums up the general attitude."

"Despite all the drawbacks - meagre size, funny money, mosquitoes, antique toasters, limited off-world opportunities and primitive showers - this still remains one of my favourite planets."

David says he sometimes wonders if he has bitten off more than he can chew. "It's often said that it's a small world, but collecting, editing and publishing quality articles and images about all the places on the planet would be several lifetimes' work. There are just so many amazing places to cover. It's the ultimate long-term project. Who knows how many places we can cover, say in the next ten years. One thing's for certain though, we're in this for the long haul."

Visit My Favourite Planet at

See the full lyrics of the song "my favourite planet" in the discography.

Negotiations and Lovesongs CD by Hugh Featherstone which contains the song my favourite planet

Negotiations & Lovesongs
CD which contains the song
"my favourite planet"

My Favourite Planet - the online travel guide

My Favourite Planet
the online travel guide
by travellers for travellers

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