Hugh Featherstone, a troubadour of our times  
Hugh Featherstone photos
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photo series 1 - Hugh Featherstone in Darmstadt

series 1
bygone days
in Darmstadt
photo series 2 - Hugh Featherstone out and about in Berlin

series 2
mean streets
of Berlin 1998
photo series 3 - Hugh Featherstone's Kraushaar guitars

series 3
Hugh's guitars
photo series 4 - Hugh Featherstone concert in Berlin 2003

series 4
Berlin 2003
photo series 5 - Hugh Featherstone and a Panel of Experts live at La Chapelle

series 5
La Chapelle
studios 2005
  photo series 6 - Hugh Featherstone and Kim Bastian Amnesty International concert in Viersen 2005

series 6
Amnesty concert
Viersen 2005
photo series 7 - Hugh Featherstone and Kim Bastian live at Rue Bunte, Berlin, 2006

series 7
Rue Bunte
Berlin 2006
photo series 8 - Hugh Featherstone and The Tone Poets at Weltfest, Berlin, 2006

series 8
Berlin 2006
photo series 9 - Hugh Featherstone concerts 2006

series 9
various gigs
photos by:

Michael Birken

Peter Blodau

Konstanze Gundudis

David John

Mary Lejoly

Martine Passagez
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There are more photos of Hugh Featherstone and fellow musicians,
from Hugh's album covers and inlays in the discography.

"9 on the sub-prime" – the new CD by Hugh Featherstone & A Panel of Experts
10. April 2010  The first copies of 9 on the sub-prime, the new album
by Hugh Featherstone & A Panel of Experts, are now available.

Hugh describes the studio album as:

"Nine tasty tracks of intelligent and catchy acoustic and hot-wired, typically Featherstone songwriter-stuff for those who still have a shirt to lose. Smooth songs in a sharp package.

Slightly less "music for jumping off bridges to" this time out, I seem to have caught a little of the "hey ho, may as well look on the bright side" attitude currently going around. Could travel."

See further details, lyrics and a review of the album, and hear sample tracks in the discography.
Cover of Hugh Featherstone's new CD 9 on the sub-prime

You can order Hugh Featherstone CDs direct from blutopia.networks:

Hugh Featherstone plays Kraushaar Guitars
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