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Francis William Caruso has been painting for the past thirty years.

Asked what style he would call his work, he said, "I really don't agree with the classifications that art is wedged into. I am a painter who revels in the chase to find something where nothing existed before."

Having travelled and lived in Europe for the past thirty five years, Francis has a keen appreciation of the vanishing European landscape.

Based in Athens, Greece, much of his current collection reflects the scenery of Greece and environs. "The works in this group are about the Cycladic Islands, and actually about an aborted trip to Thailand," he says, "I have done a whole series about a place that I have never visited, and it really is exciting, at least to me."

Francis has done mainly commission work (artwork painted specifically for a client). He anticipates doing a great deal more in the future.

"If the place needs a bright color uplift, then I'm the guy to call,"
says Francis.

Commissioned works include:
Dentist's surgery ceiling
Kitchen dado - private residence
Living room - wall paintings/portable murals
Office space - linking interchangeble seascapes
Travel agency - ski scenes

Paintings in private collections:
Athens, London, Paris, Rome, Scotland, New York, Los Angeles,
West Palm Beach, and Vail, Colorado.

A graduate of Northern University, Dekalb, Illinois. Attended Art Institute of Chicago, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois.
 The artist Francis William Caruso in his Athens studio

artist Francis William Caruso
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